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Workshop 3 Value Proposition

WORKSHOP 3: Value Proposition WORKSHOP 3: VALUE PROPOSITION Building on session 2 where you created a roadmap to get you to your goal, we’re taking a deeper look at your customer. During this 3-hour mastermind, you will map the value of your product or service to customers and identify the sandbox that they play in.  […]


Event List<  WORKSHOP 5: Making C… PITCH DAY! You’ve now reinvented your business so you can take advantage of an incredible opportunity to get the resources you need to take the next step. You’ll spend the day at the University of Winchester Business School where you will pitch your business breakthrough journey to undergraduates and sponsors […]


WORKSHOP 5: MAKING CONNECTIONS Building on session 4 where you re-designed your commercial model to ramp up delivery and identify the channel partners that you’ll need, we’re going to help you re-shape your marketing strategy to activate a digital ecosystem of collaborators. Inspiration Space masterminds are a 6-part series that use proven methodologies alongside the insight of […]

Comment pouvons-nous ré-inventer notre relation à l’argent!

Feu le grand économiste Bernard Lietaer, l’un de mes mentors disait de la monnaie : « nos comportements face à l’argent individuellement et collectivement ne sont que notre reflet et celui de la société dans laquelle nous vivons. » Que dirai-t-il de ce moment inédit ? Le monde entier se retrouve plongé dans la peur […]


Money Mindset & Clarity CIRCLE: MONEY MINDSET & CLARITY  Come along to this ‘Money Mindset & Clarity’ circle with Certified Money Coach Martine Louis and Sarbjit Hear. During the 90-minute Circle, Martine will help you transform the way you think about ‘value’ and how this applies to your ability to attract the right clients. Sarbjit […]


HomeLibraryEventsAboutNewsSign-in What’s On Next 📆 Working for yourself can be lonely, which is why we keep our community calendar packed to the rafters. From meet-ups and masterminds to events and skills training workshops, we offer ample opportunities to learn and build relationships on and offline. Event List WORKSHOP 3: Value Proposition WORKSHOP 3: VALUE PROPOSITION […]

Covid19! Comment reprendre le contrôle de vos émotions en lien avec l’argent?

Money, Émotions et Santé! Tous les scientifiques s’accordent à dire que nos émotions liées à l’argent et donc nos peurs, nos frustrations, nous empêchent de dormir, de prendre les bonnes décisions, nous plongent dans des angoisses et affectent considérablement notre système immunitaire et notre vie toute entière. Plus que jamais, le Money Mindset coaching s’impose […]

Comment allons-nous ressusciter de cette traversée du désert?

Une pensée sur cet énorme changement qui fera date dans l’histoire! Cela fait plus de 7 ans qu’une partie de mon travail se concentre sur la relation que nous entretenons avec l’argent, notre relation à la monnaie devrais-je dire comme le dit l’un de mes mentor Bernard Lietaer nos comportements face à l’argent collectivement et […]


Building on session 1 where you set 3 three-year growth goals, you’ll now explore the roadmap you need to get you there.  Inspiration Space masterminds are a 6-part series that use proven methodologies alongside the insight of seasoned entrepreneurs to teach you how to overcome the challenges of growth using a mix of technology, collaboration, and accelerated […]