Building on session 3 where you mapped the value of your product or service to customers and identify the sandbox that they play in, the next workshop in the series gets you prepared to scale up.

During this 3-hour workshop, you will re-design your commercial model to ramp up delivery and identify the channel partners that you’ll need. 

Inspiration Space masterminds are a 6-part series that use proven methodologies alongside the insight of seasoned entrepreneurs to teach you how to overcome the challenges of growth using a mix of technology, collaboration, and accelerated business models.

Hosted by NatWest, the University of Winchester’s nationally recognised digital enterprise accelerator masterminds are built specifically for start-ups, micro-businesses, and SMEs. 

How to register?

This is workshop 4 in a six-part series of digital enterprise masterminds. You will need to have pre-registered to attend the entire series in order to attend.   

The team

Pam Iannotti, lifelong entrepreneur and Senior Lecturer at Winchester Business School. A master when it comes to business turnaround, Pam knows how to ask the right questions and apply a bit of pressure in order to expose entrepreneurial diamonds in the rough.

Her career as a successful VC has kept her at the forefront of the rapidly changing economy and she understands the strategic decisions business owners must make in order to innovate and remain competitive. 

Liana Fricker, community builder and grassroots marketing expert. As Founder of The Inspiration Space, Liana brings her passion for helping people to succeed to the DNA of the brand.

Connector-of-dots and full of dynamic energy, Liana helps micro-businesses and start-ups find ways to bootstrap their marketing efforts through diverse collaborations, storytelling and relationship building. 

Martine Louis, money mindset coach and finance expert. Martine uses a successful career in commercial banking alongside her personal experience of suddenly finding herself in a position of financial dependence to help people overcome their fears around money.

In a business, money is about more than ‘profit’. It’s energy that empowers an individual or organisation to solve big problems and make a positive impact. Using powerful psycho-dynamic coaching models, Martine helps business owners achieve growth by helping them to re-frame their approach to investment and funding.

What’s in it for you?

Focused time working ON your business. You’ll learn how to think more strategically about creating a competitive advantage for your company and the opportunities that are within your reach thanks to the digital economy. You will leave your time in The Inspiration Space feeling energised and with one new solution, action or contact.  


VenueISP online hub
June 18 2020, 11:00 GMT and June 25 2020 11:00 GMT
EndsJune 18 2020, 14:00 GMT and June 25 2020 14:00 GMT

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