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The Business Archteype Coaching programme is a unique process that combines business and psychology to help you identify old patterns of behaviour in order to replace them with more useful ones. Using tools to identify where you are now, along with coaching modules to identify and set course for where you want to be to reach your highest goals.

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Welcome from your Business Archetype Coach - Martine Louis

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The 3 Keys to Success & 20 Questions to Transform Your Life

There are three key parts to the Business Archetype Programme that play a part in your success, this video introduces these 3 Keys to Success.

We also provide a 20 questions that promise to transform your life and your business. You need to take time to answer these, don't be tempted to race through them, they are designed to prompt some introspection and to help you learn.

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The Value of the Programme

Before we begin with Module 1, I want to explain how this Programme provides value.

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Module 1 – Evaluate

Introducing the 10 Business Archetypes

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Module 2 – Assess

Determining areas to explore and evaluating outcomes

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Module 3 – Finances and Accounting

Choosing your right business model.

Understanding your numbers and staying in the driver's seat

Basis of financial knowlege

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Module 4 – Stay in Control

Manage your cashflow

Tools to understand and anticipate the future

Key analyses to perform regularly

Financial planning

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