Business Coaching


Lesson 1

Good morning and welcome to your Business Archetype Coaching Programme

I am delighted that you have chosen to join this community of women who want to make a difference: to take control of their life, take their place on the socio-economic scene and make a contribution to the world.

This program is designed to help all women, whether you already are an entrepreneur and your business is stuck in a rut, not getting the results you expected, or you are an aspiring entrepreneur who wishes to manage your own life and family as well as a flourishing business.

This program works as follows :

  • You have a download zone (underneath each video section) where you can download and exercises and supporting PDF files
  • This content is accessible without limits and you are given access to it without restrictions
  • The other key point I wanted to make is that it is critical for you to have full confidence in the process. Whatever your business is, whether you are selling services, products or just  building your own business life, your own life is your business .


This is a  unique process that combines business and psychology.

To illustrate this point think about the invention of the wheel 3500 years ago, and the leverage invention 3500 years ago; in eighties a guy call Robert Plath combined those 2 inventions and invented the first wheeled suitcase. I tell you this story to illustrate how something new can be born from the combination of two powerful concepts. The Business Archetype Coaching Programme psychological principles and business foundations to give you tools to reach your highest goals.

Stay authentic and commit to the process. I’ll give you tools to integrate everything you learn into your working life and purpose.

Always bear in mind that "your own determination to succeed is more important than anything else" (Abraham Lincoln)

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